We seem to be living in a time of increasing decadence. You really cannot deny this if you have watched some of the new movies in the last 10 years. Sure, a good one comes along every now and then, but nothing can really compare to the movies of 50 years ago.

Lee Remick was a movie actress in the 1950′s and 1960′s. In her life and in her work, she showed a remarkable level of sophistication. I cannot think of a modern day actress that compares to the class, elegance, and beauty of Lee Remick. This site is dedicated to honoring her life and preserving her memory. I hope you find it informative and entertaining…

Lee Remick was a graceful, golden beauty who was once considered to be an American equivalent to the stunning Brigitte Bardot. She made a huge splash in being a young and sexy drum majorette in Elia Kazan’s “A Face in the Crowd” which was released in 1957. Remick emerged with fame when she played the role of an apparent rape victim in the hit “Anatomy of a Murder” in the year 1959. Remick’s role in the film “Anatomy of a Murder” was intended for Lana Turner who had been fired when she insisted that her costumes be designed by Jean Louis. Furthermore, Remick was also announced to replace the versatile Marilyn Monroe in the unfinished film “Something’s Got to Give” in 1962. However, the determined co-star Dean Martin persuaded the studio to reinstate the fired Marilyn Monroe. Even though Monroe was brought back to play the role in the film, the project was eventually scrapped. Many people still believe to this day that Marilyn should have been replaced, and that Martin’s attitude and behavior was childish as he responded with the following press release: “I have the greatest respect for Miss Lee Remick and her talent, and all the other actresses who were considered for the role, but I signed to do the picture with Marilyn Monroe and I will do it with no one else.”

In 1962, Lee Remick acted in the film “Days of Wine and Roses” where she received an Academy Award nomination for role as the alcoholic spouse of actor Jack Lemmon. Unfortunately, the Academy Award went to Anne Bancroft for her role in “The Miracle Worker”. Remick continued to act in both movies and television shows when she migrated to England in 1970. As for her personal life, she was the mother of Matt Colleran who was born in 1961 and Kate Sullivan born in 1959. Remick had her two children with Bill Colleran (her first marriage).

Undoubtedly, Lee Remick was a talented and dynamic American actress who excelled in many films as mentioned previously. Aside from being an actress, she was also a humanitarian who was admired, loved, and respected by her many colleagues and friends and held in the highest regard by millions of fans. Lee’s friends referred to her as a dedicated and hard working person who never under any circumstances allowed her star status to erode her private life. In addition, she dedicated her life to her family, friends, and work and performed her job with objectivity and brilliance. Lee Remick was an unassuming, private person, and she brought love, beauty, charm, power and tenderness to millions of people…for acting was her only passion!

Lee Remick – Her Early Life

July 24, 2010

Lee Remick, a profound and beautiful actress, was the daughter of Patricia Remick , an actress, and Frank Remick, who owned a department store. Remick was born on December, 14, 1935 in Boston, Massachusetts. She studied at The Hewitt School, Swaboda School of Dance in her early days, after which she pursued acting at Actors […]

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